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From Tijuana, Mexico

Julio Orozco : PHOTOGRAPHER/VISUAL ARTIST, his pieces that borders the notion of history, narrative, nostalgia and cultural identity has been exhibited in various places in the Mexico, USA and Europe: Met Room Foundation(Barcelona Spain) Nowy Teatr(Warsaw, Polonia) Kunst Raum H&H(Koln, Germany) (official website:

Daniel Ruanova: VISUAL ARTIST, creates a variety of objects, images and situations that encourage the public/viewer to re-think their own position on “everyday politics of aesthetics,” usually focusing in on the pleasures that meaningless violence and aggression create in overindulged societies. He is constantly showing his work in the US-Mexican border region (that includes Log Angeles), China, Germany, among other places… (official website:

From Osaka, Japan

Shinpei Takeda: FILMMAKER/INSTALLATION ARTIST, his documentaries The Closest Mexico to Japan, Hiroshima Nagasaki Download explores the memory of post-conflict diaspora, while his Alpha Decay installations explore human annihilation and radioactivity. Exhibited at various places in Japan, Europe, USA, Mexico, and Brasil. (official website:



ANTONIO COZANO: MUSICIAN, trained in Classical, Bossa Nova, Rock, and Punk.Has been part of Condomned, Love Sin and Diamonds, Antonio Cozano Quintet. Played at Old Globe Theater, Coors Amphitheater, Paul Rodriguez and Vicky Carr.

Brian Sueda: PERCUSSIONIST, has been part of Neon King Kong, Starbucks Needle Exchange, Brian Congrejo and the Handsome Five