GHOST MAGNET ROACH MOTEL is the third feature film by artist, and filmmaker Shinpei Takeda. 67 minutes Punk Musical documentary follows the off-stage life of 5 artists (2 American musicians, 2 Mexican artists and 1 Japanese filmmaker) of Ghost Magnet Roach Motel, a noise punkformance unit born in Tijuana, Mexico in their process of overcoming their psychological border. With a literally crashing border between Mexico and USA as the background, the protagonists confront each individual’s addictions while searching for an answer to their existentialistic crisis.

Produced by Atopus Studio, Polen Audio Visual & Filmwerkstatt Duesseldorf
Edited by Margit Bauer & Shinpei Takeda, Directed by Shinpei Takeda
Art Director: Daniel Ruanova, Sound: Jose Inerzia, Color: Gegenschloss Film


FILM Festival : Kassler Doc and Video Festival 2016, San Diego Latino Film Festival 2017, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2017, Makimono Festival Düsseldorf 2017, Philadelphia Asian Pacific Film Festival 2017 & etc.