If one tries to define Ghost Magnet Roach Motel(GMRM), one must think outside of the frameworks of usual sound collective. The departure point for GMRM is the point in which essences of each individuals disappear. In turn, out of this collective process of disappearing of “self”, they open a new frontier to an unknown geography of sound.

Personal stories and sensitive memories of each members and their capacities to internalize them are essentially the detonator for the GMRM.  Derived from that is their calls : sometimes timid, sometimes furious, all in a search for this “magnetism” which can hybridize their actions and sounds into something transmittable to the spectators. In their calls, they utilize noise and non-noise, sound and non-sound, but not a word, as mechanisms for a dialogue. Their confidence in improvisation reveals their philosophy – that the process prevail the results. Based on this philosophy they explore sound from entire alleys of mediums beyond conventional music: be it analogue, electronics, bodies, or environment. Then they let the entire cycle of life – formation, development and decay – manifest themselves. Their creations are inherently instantaneous and yet reciprocal.

GMRM is a betting intervention into everyday experiences of each members as well as their spectators and listeners. With its absolute force of life and its subtle call for death, it transforms the act of passive listening into an active tuning.

Marcela Quiroz Luna